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Our consultancy is a collective of amazing people striving to enhance life science enterprise’s to be responsive, empowering and adaptive to change.

Our Philosophy

Our approach is to enhance our clients capabilities and strengthen their patient health equity and stakeholder partnering. We work closely with our clients to create agile, efficient, and stakeholder empowered organizations in the time of market disruption and stabilization. We aim to provide a customized partnership that adapts to our clients needs and the patient communities they serve. We apply transformative lean agile and hybrid strategies to enhance cost efficiencies, (AI) technology integration, agile behavior and enterprise models.

aWe are specialized consultancy because of our customer centric business model. Which works with our clients on both the tactical and strategic level customizing our offering of advice and services to enhance our client’s business. We represent clients within the healthcare, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, specialty chemicals and biologics industries.

The DMO expert team has over 30 years experience in life science and drug development. Our academic and business acumen encompasses business product R & D, regulatory technology, finance, people management, change management, agile strategy and lean management.

Executive Team

D. Orozco, Ph.D.

CXO/CEO/Managing Partner

F. G. Johnson, MBA

V.P. of Global Operations

S. Lipinsky

V.P. of Public Relations and
Business Development

A. Balai, Esq.

General Counsel

Ingrid Phalandia

V.P of Technology

Richard Odiku

V.P. of Finance

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