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Our consultancy is a collective of amazing people striving to enhance life science enterprise’s to be responsive, empowering and adaptive to change.

Our Philosophy

Our priority are our clients and the communities they serve. Engaging leadership to enhance end to end delivery, stakeholder behavior, community partnering, customer goals and the decision strategy. We apply transformative lean agile and hybrid strategies to enhance cost efficiencies, (AI) technology integration and  enterprise communication models.

We customize our engagements offering business efficiency advice and services that integrate adaptive strategy mindset and transformation. Our clients encompass the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, specialty chemicals and biologics industries. 

We are trusted advisors in the life science business sector, with over 30 years in developing hybrid organizational models that work to innovate and enhance our client’s capabilities. Our expert team comes from diverse academic and business background in life science R & D, technology, finance, people, agile and lean management.

Our approach is to enhance our clients capabilities and strengthen community and stakeholder partnering. While working closely to create transparency, adaptability and efficiency throughout the organization. We aim to incorporate these strategies to encourage continuous improvement within the organization.

Executive Team

D. Orozco, Ph.D.

CXO/CEO/Managing Partner

L. Goodwin, Ph.D. MBA

V.P. of Global Operations

J. Margolies, MBA

V.P. of Public Relations and
Business Development

A. Balai, Esq.

General Counsel

Ingrid Phalandia

V.P of Technology

Richard Odiku

V.P. of Finance

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