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Slide Strategic Outlook As global businesses are burdened with the pandemic crisis. Companies are eager to get back to their daily professional duties. To stay ahead, companies must constantly search for new advantages, make smart entrepreneurial decisions, and orchestrate strategic change.


Expanding their marketing in new activities that are still unfamiliar and,

Managing unforeseen risks and competition

The life science industry has been successful in the last decade by increasing their investments and growth compared to other industries worldwide Yet, many changes are transforming the business, forcing the companies to rethink their strategies.
Such as;

Facing challenges in the development of early interventions delayed due to the current focus from Vaccines.

Increasing productivity which has been at the same levels for over 10 years. Without significant gains in new drug release productivity, the industry will continue to be challenged.

Soaring demands for new treatments and health payer cost scrutiny

Countries placing limitations on intellectual property rights and protection laws typically favor generic drug makers ( to reduce costs of drugs)

Industry has been entrenched in traditional management styles despite the industry being disrupted in newer ways. Becoming less aligned with strategically changing mindset.

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