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Business Agility

Strategic Agility is an opaque concept that may seem intuitive but for some it can be confounding in terms of the strategic contextual issues. It’s seen by many researchers and analysts as an innovative newly developed management paradigm adopted to define and outperform competitors under conditions of environmental instability and uncertainty. At the same time, strategic Agility enhances the ability to be adaptive to change and responsive to customer and employee engagement while strengthening external partnerships. Which is crucial for life science organizations, especially those within global enterprises that operate in culturally diverse host countries.

Renee Idris  – Senior Change Advisor, UK Office

Learning Organization

Successfully Creating An Adaptive and Sustaining Business Requires a Desire to Become a Continuously Learning Organization

It’s been said that a learning organization is more than a term but a culture that enhances and improves business, while increasing the intelligence quotient and the emotional state of an organization and the people working within it (1). Giving businesses the strategy to transform into a learning organization sets a clear strategy that shifts from a desired change to a goal of competitive learning and quality management.


Business leaders must want to transform and commit to its vision to succeed. They must believe in the value of learning and most of all must become learners themselves, modifying behavior and becoming open to help and understanding the culture, diversity, and capabilities of the people within the organization (2). They must walk the walk and talk and communicate the vision to promote the value of a learning organization. Providing promising options for future decades that re-engineer an organization’s ability to build a platform that is competitive and transformational, becoming one of the most promising options in this decade.

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